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How are you? Thank you for visiting Meepo Brushes the world-wide growing
specialty company of cosmetic brush. During over 20 years, Meepo Brushes
with practice in technique and quality development has become specialty
company of cosmetic brush. Since the establishment of the company,
we put our effort to only concentrate in production and exportation of cosmetic brush.
Therefore, we grew as one of the biggest specialty company in Korea.

Meepo Brushes won't stop from here. We will try our best to become
world-wide specialty company of cosmetic brushes to represent Korea.
Our technique has been evolving through OEM supply with advanced brands,
and we are making sure to open up a new global market.

Through this, Meepo Brushes will try to pursue ultimate value of woman's beauty
and happiness. When we produce and supply safe product based on the new design,
we will do our best in manufacturing the product with belief that happiness
of our customer must be guaranteed.

21st century is becoming a great opportunity to Meepo Brushes.
Meepo Brushes will build up a global competitiveness in fields of brush manufacture,
OEM supply and exportation. We promise to become world-wide specialty company
of cosmetic brush that leads 21st century.

Thank you for watching Meepo Brushes grow.
Please show us more love and support in the future.